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The workshop will take place at LORIA on the scientific campus of the Universite Poincare in the city of Nancy. The local committee is chaired by Bertrand Gaiffe (LORIA-INRIA) E-Mail: Bertrand.Gaiffe@loria.fr.

Local committee

  • Matthieu Quignard (LORIA-CNRS) E-Mail: Matthieu.Quignard@loria.fr
  • Yannick Parmentier (LORIA-INRIA) E-Mail: Yannick.Parmentier@loria.fr
  • Eric Kow (LORIA-INRIA) E-Mail: Eric.Kow@loria.fr
  • Armelle Demange (LORIA-INRIA) E-Mail: Armelle.Demange@loria.fr
  • Jean-Marie Pierrel (LORIA-Université Henri Poincaré Nancy 1) E-Mail: Jean-Marie.Pierrel@atilf.fr
  • Laurent Romary (LORIA-INRIA) E-Mail: Laurent.Romary@loria.fr
  • Christine Fay-Varnier (LORIA-INPL) E-Mail: Christine.Fay@loria.fr